Eastman Engineering Rotational Development Program

Are you majoring in mechanical engineering or electrical engineering? Do you know there’s a place for you at Eastman? Yes, we manufacture chemicals. But, as a global advanced materials and specialty additives company, we manufacture fibers and plastic materials too. Mechanical and electrical engineers, as well as chemical engineers, play important roles in the development of the materials used by our customers as key ingredients in products that you use every day.

What is the Engineering Rotational Development Program?

Eastman’s Engineering Rotational Development Program provides all engineering majors with experience in multiple aspects of engineering as well as a solid foundation for future success. In this program, engineers gain a broad perspective of Eastman and extensive professional development.

Engineers begin their rotation in a structured development program at either the company’s global headquarters in Kingsport, Tennessee, or its Longview, Texas, site. Rotations are based on business need or track assignment. Following completion of the program, participants will be placed in the position that best suits their skills.

Through Eastman’s one-site track program, rotational assignments are based either in Kingsport or Longview. Both sites offer the opportunity for numerous rotational assignments growth and development. In the multiple-site track program, assignments are in Kingsport or Longview for approximately two years followed by rotational assignments are based within Eastman’s 40-plus manufacturing sites outside of Kingsport and Longview in the U.S and abroad.


Who should apply?

  • Any student pursuing a B.S. or M.S. in chemical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical, civil, and materials engineering from an ABET-accredited institution
  • College graduates with less than 2 years of working experience
  • Engineering students with at least a 3.0 GPA
  • Candidates who are willing to relocate multiple times within the United States
  • Candidates who are authorized to work in the United States. Eastman will not provide visa sponsorship for any position under this program.

Why Eastman?

It’s about growth and your long-term success

At Eastman, your career path can take may routes — each offering growth opportunities, competitive salary and benefits, and a globally growing work environment.

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Life at Eastman

Eastman fosters a culture of diversity steeped in teamwork and employee involvement. It’s a place where dedicated men and women turn innovative ideas into materials that make a difference in our everyday lives. We support and encourage one another. We believe that leveraging diversity in our thoughts and experiences allows us to excel in business.

Benefits and compensation

Eastman provides competitive compensation and benefits designed to attract, retain, reward and engage world-class employees.

Safety and wellness

Eastman is committed to providing a safe and secure workplace for its team members, customers and clients. Our commitment to safety is vital to the company’s ability to deliver high quality products because it promotes operational excellence. Eastman is “All in for Safety” outside of work as well, promoting an enhanced quality of life for our employees and communities.

Opportunities for growth

Eastman is dedicated to supporting individual growth through a variety of career and personal development opportunities that place a strong emphasis on coaching and mentoring employees throughout their careers.

What is the OBD2 Advantage?

The OBD2 Advantage offers:

  • On the job training (OJT) through execution of real engineering projects in the plant from day one, with mentorship and guidance from your team.
  • Company experts who will provide classroom learning in addition to daily guidance as needed.
  • Hands-on learning at the Regional Center for Applied Manufacturing (RCAM), a no-risk environment where you can rebuild a pump, wire a motor starter or troubleshoot a process under experienced instructors.
  • Equipment Supplier Training directly from a strong network of sales and equipment engineers.

At Eastman, the first two years of your career will be filled with real engineering challenges that require insightfully engineered solutions. Through the Onboarding Development 2 Year (OBD2) program, you will be given the resources needed to provide these solutions, equipping you for success.

The OBD2 advantage is gained by completing a specifically designed curriculum that immediately provides real-world learning opportunities through hands-on classes, the guidance and support of other engineers, equipment supplier training and the support and encouragement of your team members all working together to make you and Eastman successful.

Be a catalyst. Start something big . . . in engineering. What could you do if you worked for a company that touches people’s lives every day? Rather, what couldn’t you do?

When you work for Eastman, you’ll find countless ways in which you can make a difference. Eastman’s engineers — chemical, mechanical, civil, materials, and electrical — play huge roles in developing materials that are found in items people use every day, as well as in products that haven’t even been invented yet. Our engineers stimulate and drive our entrepreneurial endeavors.

At Eastman, it doesn’t matter where you start. Here, your career path can take may routes; there’s always new career paths to explore and new opportunities to seek out. Engineering opportunities can include:

  • Process/product development
  • Process improvement
  • Manufacturing
  • Process engineering
  • Mechanical process design
  • Mechanical analysis
  • Utilities and power generation
  • Plant support engineering
  • Research
  • Technical sales and service
  • Information technology

Eastman’s more than 14,000 global employees depend on its engineering corps to spark and enhance the next breakthrough products — products that are founded on sound science, sustainable principals and practical solutions. Our engineers are true catalysts. Boredom? Not an option.

Be a catalyst. Start something big as an engineer at Eastman. Solve real market demands and challenges.

Highlights of Eastman’s Engineering Rotational Development Program

  • You could be assigned to any of Eastman’s 40-plus sites around the world. Or, because our Tennessee site is one of the most integrated chemical manufacturing sites in the world, you can have an entire career of diverse assignments on multiple projects without ever having to relocate.
  • Individualized rotational programs are tailored to your capabilities, your interests and business needs.
  • You’ll be given the flexibility to grow and develop your skills while in rotation. But if you find a role or area you enjoy, you can “bloom where you’re planted.”
  • You’ll be exposed to a variety of disciplines, projects and geographies to help optimize the way our plants operate.
  • At Eastman, you’re never just a cog in a machine for a short-term stay as part of your rotation. Your work matters. Your skill set is what the project needs.
  • The rotational program is evidence of the high performance culture Eastman has sustained for nearly a century.

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