​Student Testimonials

Here at Eastman we offer engaging internship opportunities in a myriad of career fields. From engineering to human relations, we pride ourselves on acquiring the top talent in their respective fields to come join our team. Working at a global company with 14,000 employees, you will have the chance to collaborate and innovate with people from around the world. Our interns are treated as valued team members, and your voice will be heard. Your work will be challenging yet rewarding as safety, sustainability, and innovation are at the forefront of every project we take on. At Eastman, you will work alongside the best and brightest in your career field, which is imperative in gaining real-world experience, networking, and preparing yourself for a professional career.

But don’t just take our word for it...listen to what our previous interns had to say about their experiences.


​Matt Carter, Human Resources
East Tennessee State University

One of the biggest advantages for interns at Eastman, says Matt Carter, is its culture.

“Eastman is very inclusive of anyone on any team. Coming in as intern, there is that fear that what you’re going to say or your ideas might not be valued, and it’s hard to step out of that mold of ‘I’m still a student. I need to stand back,’” said Carter, a double major in business management and marketing at East Tennessee State University.

“Eastman is really good about drawing out interns, drawing out co-ops and asking ‘What do you think about this?’ and ‘How might that apply to this or that project?’ and even if it’s not the right answer, there’s that constructive conversation rather than ‘No talk. You’re here to learn.’”

Carter said Eastman team members offer support when he asks for help, but also give him the liberty to do his own work.

“Eastman is definitely an internship worth considering because, unlike a lot of other companies that I’ve talked with or a lot of interns that I’ve talked with who have been elsewhere, Eastman has been really good about involving interns, involving co-ops,” he said. “It’s refreshing to come in, be at the table, and have a say in certain projects and have that critiqued, but also valued,” he said.

Carter has enjoyed the collaboration he’s been involved with during his internship.

“Not many places would I expect to come in, as an intern still in college, and be able to collaborate with cross-functional teams,” he said. “It is very refreshing to come in and sit at the table and feel like what you’re contributing is contributing, and people are listening and what you have to say has value.”

​Ali Gibson, Procurement
East Tennessee State University

As a Kingsport native, Ali Gibson thought she knew a lot about Eastman. As an Eastman intern, she realizes just how much she didn’t know.

Gibson, a logistics and supply chain management major at East Tennessee State University, is a third generation Eastman team member, following in the footsteps of her father and grandfather.

“I knew that Eastman was big, but until I was here, I didn’t really understand how large a company it is, how many people work here,” she said. ‘I didn’t realize how global it is ¬only being in Kingsport and only seeing what the global headquarters looks like. Seeing how many other sites we have, how many markets we are involved in, was exciting. I didn’t realize what all Eastman touched.”

Gibson, like many other current Eastman interns, isn’t in a major related to chemistry or chemical engineering. Those majors are an important, but small, piece of the overall Eastman puzzle

“To run Eastman and to make Eastman successful, we need individuals of diverse thought and talent, so we need a lot more than just chemical engineers here at Eastman,” she said. “As an individual who is a business major and is not in chemical engineering, I can say that I’ve still been able to actively contribute to Eastman and I feel like I’ve been able to contribute to its success.”

​Asa Reini, Mechanical Engineering
Clemson University

“As a mechanical engineering major, Asa Reini had no idea what an internship at a chemical company might involve.

“Mechanical is a very broad field,” said Reini, who attends Clemson University. “Mechanicals can be used almost anywhere, and I feel like my abilities have been used well here because to make all the chemicals, you need the piping, you need the pumps, you need all the vessels. All of that is very much mechanical discipline.”

Reini’s work has varied at Eastman, giving him a chance to experience different projects.

“One of them has been on the corporate initiative One Eastman, and I’ve been doing some time studies on our contractors. Another is doing cost templates for our construction management department. And some other miscellaneous ones like some safety audits out in the plant and building permits and things like that,” he said.

He’s seen Eastman’s innovation platform at work through the One Eastman initiative.

“The One Eastman studies that I’ve been part of, it’s been something we’ve been really looking at to change the way that we do construction work here at Eastman. Being a member of that team and to contribute to a large corporate initiative, that’s been something [where] I’ve been able to really experience the innovation here,” he said.

​Christian Rust, Chemical Engineering
North Carolina State University

As a chemical engineering major, Christian Rust is especially interested in process analytics – a method of ensuring consistent product quality. Although the N.C. State student started his Eastman co-op with little knowledge of the company, he leaves with the thought of maybe someday having a career here.

“It’s a really good company. They support the interns well. It’s a lot of fun here and you learn a ton of stuff,” he said.

Rust has enjoyed the hands-on nature of his work at Eastman.

“I really like data analysis, so I like getting to work with both collecting then analyzing that data and seeing my work, going into the plant and recalibrating instruments, and we’re reading a lot closer to the true value. It’s really cool to see that our product is even better, closer to what we’re hoping to sell and we have fewer batches that are out of spec,” he said. “It’s cool to see the work I did this summer - actually going into the plant, changing things and making the process better.”

​Emily Smith, University Relations
East Tennessee State University

Emily Smith has learned just how many different personalities and skill sets are needed to make Eastman a successful global business.

“Eastman is a collaborative company,” she explained. “I feel like every meeting I’ve been in, there are people from different parts of the company. I’m in meetings with supply chain and engineering. Everyone really does have to work together to make the company run. Eastman puts a huge value on collaboration and I think that’s an important skill to take anywhere.” personally during her internship.

Smith, an MBA candidate at East Tennessee State University, said she has grown professionally as well as

“I’ve gained so many skills, like time management and communication and things like that that will be valuable no matter where I go professionally and personally,” she said. “I would tell anybody who’s interested in an internship at Eastman to definitely take it. There’s so many opportunities here. You’re not just in your one little area. I’ve met so many people throughout the company. There’s opportunities to grow and maybe get outside of your comfort zone.”

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