Environmental Social Governance (ESG)​

At Eastman, purpose means everything. We are a specialty materials company, but merely making materials is not why our company exists. How we make materials and how our products enhance the quality of life for all – this is what unites the global Eastman team. At Eastman our innovation and sustainability strategies are integrated, and sustainability has become a business imperative. We are focused on solving the world’s most significant problems by leveraging our scale, integration and world class technology platforms. As our strategic focus has also sharpened, we have now converged on three critical impact areas where we have a responsibility to lead and provide solutions – the global plastic waste crisis, climate change, and caring for society. This collective sense of purpose at Eastman is why ESG is a natural framework for our strategy, as it creates long-term value for all our shareholders and has a positive impact on the global society. The more we grow, the broader our impact becomes.

Today, trust and transparency are more important than ever. This governs how we report on our culture through measuring advancements in our I&D efforts, our operational excellence and how we manage a sustainable product portfolio.

Across our company, we integrate ESG into everything we do to ensure long-term business success. 

Stephen G. Crawford
Senior Vice President,
Chief Technology and Sustainability Officer


Eastman's ESG Overview shares a high-level look at our key ESG commitments, and details how growth in Eastman products and technologies also drives a positive impact on our society.


Our 2020 ESG Data Sheet provides a comprehensive, summary overview of Eastman’s non-financial performance data for the years 2017-2020, as well as a signpost to significant policies, ESG reporting frameworks and Eastman’s sustainability commitments​


Eastman is committed to an inclusive and diverse workplace, as we know this the best environment to drive innovation. Our first Inclusion & Diversity Report serves to provide improved transparency on our I&D performance to our key stakeholders.


Vision for a Better Circle:
Eastman’s 2020 Sustainability report shares a detailed overview of Eastman’s sustainability strategy, which is driven by innovation and focused on people. The report details our new 2030/2050 commitments to address climate change, mainstream circularity as an economic model, and build a more inclusive and equitable world. ​

 CDP Climate Change Response

 CDP Water Security Response

​CDP: Eastman understands that our stakeholders share our high expectations for managing important environmental factors such as greenhouse emissions and water usage. Eastman’s CDP Climate Change and Water Security responses catalogue this information and how we manage these emerging risks and opportunities.


Eastman continually seeks opportunities to improve our sustainability-related ESG disclosure. The SASB standards are important to our efforts to identify, manage, and report on the sustainability topics that matter most to Eastman stakeholders. ​

TCFD: Eastman uses the TCFD framework recommendations as an important guide to assess and determine forward looking, decision useful information on climate-related risks and opportunities that are of specific interest to financial markets. This information is structured around four themes: governance, strategy, risk management, and metrics and targets. ​

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