Waterborne adhesives

Waterborne tackifier resin dispersions are commonly used for pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) label, decal, or tape applications based on acrylic emulsion polymers or various types of natural or synthetic rubber latex. The major uses are general-purpose permanent, removable, deep freeze, wine bottle, and wash-off applications. To improve adhesion and to make the PSA bond on a variety of substrates, suitable waterborne tackifier resins are added.

Eastman's waterborne tackifier resin dispersions
  • Improve specific adhesion especially to polyolefinic and paper substrates
  • Improve flow and wetting out properties of the adhesives
  • Provide an optimum balance between tack, adhesion, and cohesion

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Product Group

Brand Name


Hydrocarbon resin Picco™

Recommended when excellent acid and moisture resistance combined with outstanding pigment wetting is vital

Hydrogenated rosin resins Foral™ Inherent oxidation resistance, color stability, tack retention, good aging characteristics
Foralyn™Light color and color stability, good oxidation resistance, good aging characteristics
Resin dispersion Tacolyn™Recommended for environmentally friendly applications, especially when seeking improved adhesion to polyolefin-based substrates
Rosin resins Abalyn™Excellent compatibility with almost all polymers, tacky, high viscous
Abitol™Excellent color, low odor, good tack and adhesion, wide range of compatibility and solvency, resistance to oxidation, reactive hydroxyl group
Dresinate™Recommended for a wide variety of emulsifiers based on rosin soap
Metalyn™Recommended when excellent compatibility is required
Staybelite-E™Inherent oxidation resistance, color stability, tack retention, good aging characteristics
Water-dispersible polymer Eastman AQ™Ideally suited for applications where adhesive removal after application is required, such as repulping of paper and plastic and glass recycling
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