Our unrivaled leading-edge performance applications for adhesives give customers a competitive edge in achieving their goals and serving their markets.

Asphalt modificationEastoflex™ amorphous polyolefins are used in single-ply roofing membranes and as antirutting/antiabrasion additives for road-paving asphalt. Dresinate™ rosin soaps are used for asphalt emulsification.
Assembly adhesivesAssembly adhesives are used in the manufacture of nonwoven products, foam converting, hot-melt glue sticks, and carpet backing, and contact adhesives. Eastman raw materials commonly used in these adhesives include aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbon tackifiers, hydrogenated hydrocarbon tackifiers, rosin esters, resin dispersions, and amorphous polyolefins.
Bookbinding adhesivesEastman rosin esters and hydrocarbon tackifiers are used to modify ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymers in hot melt bookbinding adhesives.
Caulks and sealantsEastman materials such as Eastoflex™ amorphous polyolefins, aliphatic hydrocarbon resins, and hydrogenated hydrocarbon resins are commonly used in caulk and sealant formulations. Applications for caulks and sealants include hot melt and solvent-based clear sealants, insulating glass sealants, extruded tape sealants, and general-purpose caulks. These raw materials provide excellent water resistance and barrier performance. Hydrogenated hydrocarbon tackifiers also offer good oxidative and UV stability in clear sealant formulations.
Chewing gumEastman ester gum materials are hard, thermoplastic resins produced by a special process that yields a product with low odor and a low acid number. Several of these products comply with regulations set forth by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration mainly for use as a softener or plasticizer for elastomeric masticatory agents used in chewing gum compositions.
Contact adhesivesThe tackifiers used in contact adhesives must be compatible with polychloroprene rubber which limits the selection to aromatic hydrocarbon and rosin resins. Tacolyn™ resin dispersions are most commonly chosen when formulating waterborne contact adhesives.
EmulsifiersPamolyn tall oil fatty acids are uniquely designed for use as surfactants and emulsifiers. Saturated fatty acids and unsaponifiables in Pamolyn™ Fatty Acids are outstandingly low and are used in numerous cosmetics and personal care applications, functioning as an emulsifier or surfactant.
Film modificationEastman's hydrogenated hydrocarbon resins (Eastotac™, Regalite™, and Regalrez™ hydrocarbon resins) can be used to improve processability of polyolefins during manufacture of filmic materials. The addition of these resins to the polyolefins can lower heat-seal temperatures, improve barrier properties, improve gloss and haze, and increase stiffness.
Footwear and leatherAdhesive manufacturers for the footwear and leather industry have developed a variety of water-based, hot melt, and solvent-based products. Eastman has developed a variety of materials which can be used in these applications to control tack and improve processability of adhesives in these demanding applications. 
Laminating adhesivesEastman amorphous polyolefins are used unmodified or compounded as laminating adhesives for paper-to-paper, paper-to-foil, paper-to-film, film-to-film, and film-to-textile laminates. Applications include gummed paper carton sealing tape, food packaging, and protective wraps.
LubricantsPamolyn™ tall oil fatty acids can be used as lubricants in a variety of applications, including metalworking. Eastman's tall oil fatty acids are often used interchangeably with other fatty acids and oils such as vegetable oils (palm, soy, canola, sunflower, etc.) and animal fats (tallow).
Paint and coatingsEastman's tall oil fatty acids are uniquely designed for the manufacture of paint and protective coatings where color and color stability are critical. Tall oil fatty acids can also be used in alkyd formulations in conjunction with metallic driers to control cure rate and hardness.
Pressure-sensitive adhesivesEastman offers a wide variety of products for waterborne, solventborne, and hot-melt pressure sensitive adhesives. Applications include tapes, labels, and contact adhesives. Eastman raw materials commonly used in these applications include hydrocarbon tackifiers, rosin esters, resin dispersions, amorphous polyolefins, and plasticizers. These products exhibit good tackifying characteristics and broad compatibility with materials commonly used in pressure-sensitive adhesive formulations.
Rubber and plastic modificationEastman products for rubber and plastic modification include hydrocarbon resins, amorphous polyolefins (APO), and functionalized polyolefins. Hydrocarbon resins and APOs are used in various rubber and thermoplastic polymer compounds to impart tack, modify surface appearance, and modify rheology and/or crystallization behavior of polymers. Functionalized polypropylene products find uses both as coupling agents and tie layers in coextrusion applications.
Soaps and detergentsPamolyn tall oil fatty acids are uniquely designed for use as surfactants and emulsifiers in soaps and detergents. Saturated fatty acids and unsaponifiables in Pamolyn™ fatty acids are outstandingly low, which allows them to be used in numerous cosmetics and personal care applications as an emulsifier or surfactant.
Tapes and labelsEastman offers a wide variety of products for tape and label applications. These applications include specialty tapes, repositionable tapes, packaging tapes, permanent labels, and peelable/repositionable labels. Eastman raw materials commonly used in these applications include hydrocarbon tackifiers, rosin esters, and resin dispersions. These products promote tack and enhance adhesion to low-energy surfaces.
Wax modificationHydrocarbon resins and rosin resins from Eastman can be used in wax compounds to improve adhesion and impart tackiness in wax compounds. In waxed paper coatings for food packaging, these resins can improve gloss, adhesion and flexibility to barrier coatings for wet and greasy foods. In depilatory compounds and paste waxes, rosin resins can provide a tackier compound with low softening point and workable texture. In investment casting applications, hydrocarbon resins can reduce shrinkage on cooling and produce harder, more easily machined compounds.
Wire and cableEastoflex™ amorphous polyolefins are used to produce flooding compounds applied around jackets of telecommunication cables to improve flexibility and waterproofing.
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