Assembly adhesives

Adhesives used for industrial assembly are experiencing significant growth due to improved productivity through shorter cycle times, easy application, and most of all, the extensive adhesive product range available from global adhesive suppliers.

Whether it is solvent-based contact adhesive, water-based flooring adhesive, or hot-melt adhesive for white goods assembly, Eastman can provide the right product.

For nonstructural, formulated adhesives, key technical performance requirements are:

  • Bonds dissimilar substrates, such as foam to polyolefin, metal to insulation material, and wood to textiles
  • Precise control of open and set times to suit automated and handwork assembly processes
  • Aging performance under various conditions
  • Ease of assembly operation

Eastotac™ and Regalite™ tackifier resins provide excellent performance in polyolefin and EVA-based adhesives for a wide variety of industrial assembly operations, including foam converting, assembly of white goods, and the manufacture of hot-melt glue sticks for consumer and industrial applications.

In water-based assembly adhesives, Tacolyn™ resin dispersions are highly recommended. They offer excellent adhesion to many different substrates in a variety of water-based, formulated adhesives.

For nonreactive type adhesives, Eastman offers the most extensive tackifier resin product range. They are designed to improve adhesion to a variety of substrates including the more difficult-to-bond untreated polyolefins, polypropylene, and polyethylene. Choosing the right tackifier resin can solve your adhesion problems and positively influence the open time, set time, and viscosity properties that are critical during application.

Reactive (cross-linkable) adhesives may also contain tackifier resins, but care has to be taken not to disturb the cross-linking mechanism through their addition. Hydrogenated rosin resins are commonly used at a low concentration to increase adhesion in reactive polyurethane adhesives for industrial assembly. Dymerex™ polymerized rosin is used in polyurethane and polyamide based adhesives.

Eastman also produces several polymers that are used in assembly adhesives. Eastoflex™ amorphous polyolefins are commonly used as the base polymer in assembly adhesives where nonstructural properties are required.

Typical end uses of assembly adhesives containing Eastman raw materials:

  • Engineered materials
  • Foam converting
  • Technical textiles
  • White goods sector
  • Hot-melt glue sticks
  • Composites
  • Transportation
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