Tapes and labels

Pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA) are the most useful of all adhesive types due to their ease of application and immediate bonding characteristics.

Hot-melt, solvent-based, and water-based technologies are all used for PSA products. Newer technologies include radiation curable, hot-melt PSA for improved cohesion, especially at high temperatures.

A wide variety of applications include:

Specialty tapes 
Repositionable tapes
Packaging tapes 
Hook and loop tapes
Permanent labels 
General-purpose labels
Peelable/repositionable labels 
Direct food contact applications
High-tack adhesives, suitable for many difficult filmic substrates, including those where the clear "no label" look is desired 
Low-temperature applications
Key technical requirements in the pressure-sensitive adhesive industry:
  • Precise viscosity control for exact adhesive coating weights
  • Smooth, fast machinability
  • Excellent adhesion/cohesion balance
  • Aging stability
  • Fast, clean die cutting for labels
  • Bonding to a wide variety of substrates
  • Good low-temperature performance

Tacolyn™ resin dispersions provide excellent performance in water-based acrylic PSA for a variety of label applications and natural rubber latex tapes.

Eastotac™, Regalite™ and Piccotac™ resins are ideally suited for styrenic block copolymer-based PSA. For end-block reinforcing adhesives, Kristalex™ and Plastolyn™ hydrocarbon resins are the right brand choice.

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