​Eastman cellulose esters application guide

Cellulose esters are categorized for two types of applications: conventional and reduced volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Applications for conventional cellulose esters can be coatings with lower solids or higher VOCs. Select conventional cellulose esters from cellulose acetate (CA), cellulose acetate propionate (CAP), and cellulose acetate butyrate (CAB) product categories.

Applications for reduced-VOC cellulose esters are usually VOC-restricted and can include both solvent- and water-based coatings. Select compliant cellulose esters from the Eastman Solus™ performance additive product category.

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The following is the general naming convention for Eastman cellulose esters. Consider this important composition and dissolution information as you choose your sample.

Cellulose Esters Nomenclature

Recommended conventional cellulose esters

Building and construction

  Architectural Maintenance Protective
CAB 381-0.5xxx
CAB 381-2 x 
CAB 381-20 x 
CAB 381-20BP  x
CAB 500-5  x
CAB 531-1x x
CAB 551-0.2 xx
CAP 482-0.5 x 


  Apparel Can coatings Ink Packaging Shrink film
CA 398-3  xx 
CA 398-30   x  
CAB 381-0.1   xxx
CAB 381-0.5 x xxx
CAB 381-2   xx 
CAB 381-20   x  
CAB 551-0.01  xx  
CAB 551-0.2 xxxx 
CAP 482-0.5   xxx
CAP 482-20   xxx
CAP 504-0.2   x  
CAB 553-0.4   x  


  Coil General industrial Leather Metal Wood
CAB 321-0.1    x 
CAB 381-0.1     x
CAB 381-0.5  xxxx
CAB 381-2   xxx
CAB 381-20  xxxx
CAB 500-5   x  
CAB 531-1 xx  x
CAB 551-0.01  x  x
CAB 551-0.2 xxxxx
CAP 482-0.5    x 
CAP 482-20  xx  
CAB 553-0.4  x  x


  Consumer Device housing Industrial
CAB 381-0.5 xxx
CAB 381-2 xx 
CAB 381-20 xx 
CAB 531-1 x  
CAB 551-0.01  x 
CAB 551-0.2 xxx
CAP 482-0.5 x  

Health and wellness

  Nail polish
CAB 381-0.5 x
CAB 381-20 x
CAP 482-0.5 x
CAP 504-0.2 x


  Aerospace Auto
Marine Motorcycle Bus/RV
CA 398-6 x        
CAB-381-0.1  x x  xx 
CAB 381-0.5  xxx   x 
CAB 381-2BP  x  x    
CAB 381-2  xxxx   x
CAB 381-20  x xxx   
CAB 381-20BP  x   x   
CAB 531-1  x xxx   
CAB 551-0.01 xxxx     
CAB 551-0.2  xxxxx xx
CAB 553-0.4      x   



Recommended reduced VOC cellulose esters


  General industrial Leather Metal Wood
Eastman Solus™ 2100 performance additive x xx
Eastman Solus™ 3050 performance additive xx x

Health and wellness

  Nail polish
Eastman Solus™ 2100 performance additive x
Eastman Solus™ 2300 performance additive x


  Aerospace Auto OEM Auto refinish General auto Auto parts Motorcycle
Eastman Solus™ 2100 performance additive xxxx x
Eastman Solus™ 2300 performance additive  xxx  
Eastman Solus™ 3050 performance additive x xx 
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