Durable electronics that perform better

For years, the electronics and semiconductor industries have looked to Eastman to support innovation. We’re a world leader in thermoplastics science and polymer solutions and have helped manufacturers satisfy consumer appetite for the latest electronics technology.

Eastman continues to work with leading brands in a variety of markets to improve electronics performance and durability while expanding opportunities to differentiate their brands based on sustainability and environmental messaging.

Consumer electronics

Makers of consumer electronics demand functional, durable, and sustainable polymers for device housings and components. Selecting the right plastics from Eastman can affect reliability, aesthetics, audio performance, and overall customer satisfaction.

Electronic chemicals

Sensitive applications such as semiconductors, liquid crystal displays, and printed circuit boards demand processing chemicals with advantaged and predictable quality. High-purity, low-trace metal solvents from Eastman can make all the difference.

Discover opportunities for sustainable electronics Sustainable
Eastman helps brands differeniate on sustainability.
Discover polymers for durable electronics Benefits
Combing impact strength and chemical resistance.
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