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Full-Wrap Label Consortium Reviews Positive Results Of Potential Solution To Solve PET Plastic Recycle Stream Issues
(September 17, 2013) In a continued effort to generate and test solutions to the recycling stream issues surrounding full-wrap labels on polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles, during its August 2013 meeting, the consortium toured a recycling facility and reviewed test results from a trial run using delabeling equipment.

Full-Wrap Label Consortium Addresses PET Plastic Recycle Stream Issues
(January 16, 2013) To identify solutions to the recent issues surrounding polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles and full-wrap labels in the recycle stream, Eastman Chemical Company has organized a full-wrap label consortium. The group, which includes members from more than 30 companies across the value chain, is charged with digging further into the issues to better understand the problems and developing near-term and long-term solutions that will benefit all involved parties.

Eastman Chemical Company's Tenite™ Cellulosic Plastics Celebrate A Milestone Anniversary
(December 13, 2012) Since their introduction, Tenite™ cellulosic plastics have been used in a variety of applications across numerous markets, including appliances, medical and visual merchandising. The compounded plastics have been used for telephones, automotive interiors, toys, playing cards, casino dice and musical instruments. Tenite cellulosics also continue to be used for face shields, tool handles, shopping cart handles, outdoor sign letters and ballpoint pens.

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