From resins to polymers to plasticizers, Eastman products enhance the performance of a wide variety of adhesive, sealant and caulk formulations. Tackifying resins and polymers provide the ability to modify the properties of the final adhesive product to fit specific performance parameters. Plasticizers create much-needed elasticity and viscosity control in adhesives and sealants. Eastman offers a broad portfolio of products to suit the needs of this industry.

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Eastman 168™ non-phthalate plasticizer   Regalite™ hydrogenated hydrocarbon resins
Eastman G™ polymers   Staybelite-E™ hydrogenated rosins
Eastman TXIB™ formulation additive   Tacolyn™ resin dispersions
Eastoflex™ amorphous polyolefins   Benzoflex™ LC-531 plasticizer
Eastotac™ hydrogenated hydrocarbon resins   Benzoflex™ 2088 plasticizer
Foralyn™ hydrogenated rosin esters   Benzoflex™ 50 plasticizer
Pamolyn™ fatty acids   Benzoflex™ PS-507 plasticizer
Piccolastic™ hydrocarbon resins   Benzoflex™ 9-88SG plasticizer
Piccotac™ hydrocarbon resins   Eastman Versafix™ plasticizer
Piccotex™ hydrocarbon resins   Benzoflex™ 9-88 plasticizer
Picco™ hydrocarbon resins   Benzoflex™ LA-705 plasticizer
Plastolyn LV™ hydrocarbon resins    


Eastman plasticizers in
adhesives, caulks and sealants
Eastman plasticizers in
adhesives, caulks and sealants
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