When extremely large volumes of hydrocarbon tackifier resins are required, bulk molten tank truck deliveries may be a more economical, time-saving option. Molten resin is shipped in heated (150°–170°C) tank trucks that usually contain between 20 and 25 tons of resin.

Many benefits can be realized by switching from solid (flake/pastille) to bulk molten form including:

Shorter production cycle times.
Lower energy requirements.
Significant reduction of labor costs associated with handling solid (flake/pastille) form.
Additional labor savings by eliminating the managing and disposing of packaging scrap.
Frees valuable warehouse space.
Simpler logistics in tank trucks vs. freight trucks.

Examples of Molten Tackifier Resin Supply:

Eastotac™ H-100R resin and Eastotac™ H-130R resin are available for bulk molten tank delivery.

Regalite™ S1100 and Regalite™ S5100 hydrocarbon resins are available for molten bulk delivery.

For more information, see Eastman publication WA-64, Bulk Handling and Storage of Molten Eastotac™ Hydrocarbon Resins.