Pure Monomer C9, Aromatic Resins

These products are made from the same types of aromatic monomers as basic C9 aromatic resins with one critical difference. As the name implies, pure monomer resins are made from feedstocks that have been highly purified to eliminate color causing contaminants and to precisely control the composition of the product. The results are pure monomer resins with color as low as hydrogenated hydrocarbon resins, but with the solubility and compatibility characteristics of basic C9 aromatic resins. The composition of a pure monomer resin can be carefully controlled and several distinct feedstocks are available. Eastman supplies several brands of pure monomer C9 aromatic resins each with distinct properties and applications.
The Kristalex™ and Plastolyn™ brands of pure monomer resins are copolymers of varying ratios of pure styrenic (C8) and C9 monomers. Their main application is to modify the styrenic end-blocks of block copolymers (SBC) to either modify the viscosity of a hot melt adhesive or improve cohesion at high temperatures. Kristalex™ resins also are used in paints, sealants, textile dry sizes, coatings, and plastic modification. Plastolyn™ pure monomer hydrocarbon resins are high softening point products with a slightly higher color than the Kristalex™ series. The Piccolastic™ brand resins are used as flow modifiers for polyvinylchloride, acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene and SBC. The Kristalex™ and Plastolyn™ products supplied by Eastman Chemical Company are:


In North America:

 Kristalex™ 1120 Kristalex™ 5140
 Kristalex™ 3070 Kristalex™ 5140LV
 Kristalex™ 3085 Plastolyn™ 240
 Kristalex™ 3100 Plastolyn™ 290
 Kristalex™ 3115LV Plastolyn™ 290LV

In Europe, Middle East and Africa:

 Kristalex™ F85 Kristalex™ F100 Kristalex™ F115
 Kristalex™ 3115LV Kristalex™ 5140LV Plastolyn™ 290LV

The Piccotex™ types of pure monomer hydrocarbon resins are made from mixed pure C9 monomers. They are available in a range of softening points from 75° to 118°C and are compatible with SBS block copolymers and high vinyl acetate types of EVA. They are used in hot melt adhesives where color and thermal stability are primary considerations, as well as in coatings, as dry size agents, and in baking enamels. Piccotex™ resins are made in North America. Eastman offers the following products in this line:

 Piccotex™ 75 Piccotex™ LC Piccotex™ 100 Piccotex™ 120

Piccolastic™ pure monomer hydrocarbon resins are made from pure styrenic C8 monomers and are supplied in a range of physical forms, from liquid with a softening point of 5°C to a hard solid with a softening point of 126°C. The low molecular weight types are useful as plasticizers and paper saturants. The higher softening point products are used in adhesives, shoe construction, investment casting, and as a binder for xerographic toners. In SBC the Piccolastic™ resins will modify the styrenic end-blocks, but will not associate with the rubber mid-blocks to generate any significant tack or adhesion. Eastman offer s the following Piccolastic™ resins:

 Piccolastic™ A5 Piccolastic™ A75 Piccolastic™ D125

Endex™ resins are made from C9 monomers selected to produce a polymer with an exceptionally high glass transition temperature and softening point. These resins are particularly suited to increase the high temperature cohesion of hot melt adhesives based on SBC. Endex™ resins associate almost exclusively with the styrenic portions of an SBC and have a glass transition temperature higher than styrene. Thus, by combining Endex™ resins with an SBC, the melting temperature of the styrenic domains is increased and the temperature resistance of the compound in improved. Eastman Chemical Company offers the following Endex™ resins:

 Endex™ 155 Endex™ 160 
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