I-Beam Test Samples made with Eastman Tritan™ copolyester

I-Beam Test Samples     I-Beam Test Samples      I-Beam Test Samples

I-Beam Test Samples

Eastman Tritan™ copolyester has been ultrasonically welded using energy director and shear joint type of bond joint designs. The resulting device can exhibit outstanding impact strength, clarity, and durability — without weld joint flashing.

We recommend that Eastman be involved in the early phases of the medical part design to ensure proper joint design considerations have been implemented. For more information about welding and other secondary operations, follow the links below.

Application Highlights

  • Eastman Tritan™ copolyester is suitable for ultrasonic welding
  • Optimum weld designs — energy director, criss-cross shear joints shown here
  • Tests to pull apart welded pieces reveal strength nearly equal to unwelded molded part 

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