Feed preservation and hygiene solutions

Eastman offers a range of solutions* to help improve feed preservation & hygiene and increase the shelf life of pig and poultry feed through protection against mold, yeast and bacteria. Additionally, we offer solutions for the preservation of different on-farm feedstuffs for ruminants, such as grass silage. This can play an important role in achieving highly productive and cost-effective milk production.

*Not all products are registered for sale in all regions. Contact us for more information and to find out which products are available in your region: animalnutrition@eastman.com.

Pigs and Poultry

Mold control

Animal feed, feedstuffs, and freshly harvested grain are susceptible to mold growth. Eastman’s range of products for mold control effectively inhibit the growth of mold, yeast, and bacteria in different types of feedstuffs. They also prevent the recontamination of feed after production. This in turn extends the shelf life, maintains the nutritional quality, and prevents the formation of mycotoxins in feeds and feedstuffs.

Bacteria control

Eastman’s solutions for bacteria control help prevent or significantly slow down spoilage of different types of feedstuffs and raw materials while maintaining the original nutritional value. Protein-based raw materials are susceptible to contamination by Salmonella and other enterobacteria. Our range of products has been developed to combat these and other microorganisms in raw materials, feed, and feedstuffs.

Yeast control

Liquid feed and wet feed ingredients are especially susceptible to contamination by yeast. This can cause lower feed quality, which in turn can result in significant economic losses. Eastman has a solution for the control of yeast to help overcome these potential problems.

Raw materials

We offer a range of raw materials for use in a number of different applications within the area of feed preservation and hygiene.


TMR, grass silage, crimping, and whole crop maize silage

Eastman offers a variety of solutions for the aerobic and anaerobic preservation of farm-made feed for ruminants. Our superior-quality ensiling and feed preservation solutions help ensure safer and higher quality feed for livestock. The successful preservation of different on-farm feedstuffs also plays an important role in highly productive and cost-effective milk production.

In addition to the product information found under ‘Products’ on this website, more information on our AIV range can be found on our dedicated Finnish language website here.

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