Typical Physical Properties
Rosin and Modified Rosin

Some products contain physical properties that are not displayed in the columns below. To locate the information needed, please choose the product link below. The properties may be found on the datasheet, SDS or sales specification.

Rosin and Modified Rosin
ProductsDescription, Base ResinRing and Ball Softening PointColor, GardnerColor, Hunterlab baColor, USRG Rosin ScaleAcid Number (mg KOH/g)Data
Dymerex Polymerized RosinDimerized Gum Rosin 144 °C9 -N 145
Foral AX-E - Fully Hydrogenated RosinHydrogenated Gum Rosin --8 -165
Foralyn E - Partially Hydrogenated RosinPartially Hydrogenated Gum Rosin 75 °C2 --168
Poly-Pale Partially Dimerized RosinPartially Dimerized Gum Rosin 103 °C8 -WW 146
a - 5 cm path length, 50% in toluene; Illuminant C, 2 degree observer
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