CPFilms Industrial
CPFilms Industrial

Metallized Films provide UV ray protection and visual effects

The thermal evaporation or vacuum metallizing process is used to achieve controlled and uniform deposition of specific coatings. It involves depositing a layer of a metal, typically aluminum, onto a continuously moving web of film. This is achieved by evaporating aluminum wire as it is fed into heated crucible. This produces a metallic vapor which condenses onto a polymer film substrate to give a thin metallic layer.

Metal PackagingMetallized films have both technical and visual benefits, including electrical conductivity, high reflectivity to light and radiant heat, as well as an attractive decorative appearance. When combined with other materials, one can achieve low permeability to gases and water vapor.

Our metallized products are available on film thicknesses ranging from 48 gauge to 7 mils (12 to 175 microns) and available substrates include polyester (PET) as well as other required substrate materials. Maximum width is 2000 mm. Metallized films may also be dyed for heightened brilliance. Other features include:

  • Light transmission from 77% VLT to < 1% VLT (lower at some wavelengths)
  • Custom metal deposition with optical density ranging from 0.11 to 3.5

The team at CPFilms works directly with our customers to assess needs and provide the appropriate solution for specific applications. To learn more, we encourage you to contact one of our technical specialists to discuss your unique film needs.

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