CPFilms Industrial
CPFilms Industrial

Release Liners for Surface Protection and Adhesive Transfer

Produced in environmentally-controlled clean rooms, CPFilms offers the highest quality film release liners produced with a great level of cross web and run-to-run consistency. Base substrates include mostly polyester-based films intended for use in demanding applications where an optically-clear, contaminant-free, and scratch-free release coating, with very low silicone transfer is important. For years, CPFilms has been a clear choice for optically-clear release liners.

  Release Levels Very Easy Easy Mid Tight Very Tight
  Tin  T10 - 5-30T30 - 35-125T50 - 75-225 
  Non-Silicone    NSR - 300+
  Fluorosilicone  S10 - 8-32**   
  UV-curedUV5A - 5-15UV10 & 12 - 10-30UV30 - 50-150UV50 - 90-310UV100, UV200
  DifferentialAny Combination of UV Release Coatings (Standard UV50/UV10)

  * Substrate thickness on Tin (single or double side coated) can vary between 0.5 and 14 mils (12 – 350 microns).
     UV single side-coated and double side differential can have substrate thickness from 2 – 5 mils (50 – 125 microns)
  * Finished Film Widths From 2 Inches to 74 Inches

The team at CPFilms works directly with our customers to assess needs and provide the appropriate solution for specific applications. To learn more, we encourage you to contact one of our technical specialists to discuss your unique film needs.

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