XIR® Solar Control Film for Laminated Glass

The sun has finally met its match. Engineers and architects globally are seeking glazing solutions which maximize light transmission with a natural clear appearance, while keeping solar heat gain at bay. XIR laminated glass delivers.

Clear, neutral XIR laminated film protects interior environments and automotive cabins from intense solar energy without the need for darkly tinted or reflective glass. The finished product has a unique, low-reflectance appearance, allowing greater than 70% visible light transmittance while reflecting approximately 50% of the invisible heat. The result is a comfortable environment.

Spectrally-Selective, Intelligent Films

The high precision and uniformity of sputter processing enables Southwall to fine-tune its thin film coatings to control specific areas of the spectrum by reflecting, absorbing or transmitting various types of electromagnetic radiation. Such intelligent films serve a broad range of functions, including reflecting infrared heat, attenuating low frequency microwaves, and reducing surface glare of visible light.

Innovator with a Pioneering History

XIR was originally developed by Southwall Technologies— a global energy technology leader that provides energy conservation and climate management thin-film glass solutions to customers worldwide in the architectural and automotive industries.

Southwall has long been a pioneer in developing efficient glazing solutions including:

  • World’s first low-e coatings
  • World’s first spectrally selective low-e coatings
  • World’s first low-emissivity insulating glass product
  • World’s first super-windows achieving R20 insulation performance

Today, Southwall, a subsidiary of Eastman Chemical, remains committed to it energy roots as it explores potential new technologies and markets that can benefit from its 25 years of energy technology innovation.