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Original meeting with Michelle Holyfield, the Eastman Representative.
We walked the area of the Wildlife Trail, and discussed where the
Raptor Perches should be located.

Phillip Cooper and Brady Steed are still on break as Keith

Cooper is busy marking one of the trees using a template

and green paint.

Mr. Buchanan of Buchanan Fence, donated all of the pipe
 needed for the Raptor Perches.

Mr Buckstaff retrieves one of the poles from the trailer to

make it ready to be installed.

Mr. Buckstaff is ready to tackle the big stuff, while Mr. Slaughter looks on.
Mr. Buckstaff was the only one allowed to use the chainsaw.

Mr Buckstaff holds one of the poles as Mr Cooper and Jared

Tracey install the wooded top piece.

Mr. Slaughter looks on while Brady Steed uses clippers to cut loose some
of the vines that had grown across the trail. Chris Dickens and Glynda
Cooper also admire the way that Brady is carefully using the clippers.

Last of the 6 poles have been installed (probably why everyone is smiling).
From left to right are: Jared Tracey, Mr Russell Buckstaff, Phillip Cooler,
Mrs Glynda Cooper, and Chris Dickens. Not pictured is Mr Keith Cooper.

Mr. Slaughter pulls on brush and vines while Phillip Cooper and Chris
 Buckstaff are busy holding up their rakes. Brady Steed takes a
 needed break to drink some Gatorade.