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Note: The information contained in each news release is current on the date the release is issued and will become outdated over time. Eastman Chemical Company does not assume any responsibility for updating information in these releases.
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2018, Mar 19 - Groundbreaking Technology from Eastman Poised to Become “Legendary”
Tetrashield technology has been shown in third party labs to provide superior weathering, scratch protection, and chemical resistance while also enabling productivity and sustainability enhancements.
2018, Mar 16 - Eastman increases RESIN INTERMEDIATES prices on Apr. 01, 2018
Eastman Chemical Company is increasing prices on Resin Intermediate products Apr. 01, or as contracts allow.
2018, Mar 16 - Eastman increases BENZOIC ACID prices on Apr. 01, 2018
Eastman Chemical Company is increasing prices on Benzoic Acid products Apr. 01, or as contracts allow.
2018, Mar 15 - Eastman’s Continued Investments in Martinsville Site Enable Continued Innovation to Support the Paint Protection Market
Eastman Chemical Company today announced the completion of a state-of-the-art urethane extrusion line at its Martinsville, Virginia, plant.
2018, Mar 15 - Eastman increases PLASTICIZERS prices on Apr. 01, 2018
These increases are due to increased market demand & operating costs, particularly in raw materials.
2018, Mar 14 - Eastman to Unveil a Versatile, High-Performance Technology at ACS 2018
On Wednesday, April 11, 2018 at 9:30 a.m.* during the American Coatings Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana, Dr. Jamie Dziczkowski will share details about how a team of scientists developed Eastman Tetrashield™ protective resin systems, a groundbreaking technology for coatings that enables superior weathering and chemical resistance while balancing hardness and flexibility.
2018, Mar 12 - Eastman increases CHOLINE CHLORIDE prices on April 01, 2018
These increases are due to elevated operating costs.
2018, Mar 08 - BROS® expands its commitment to Tritan™ from Eastman
The refillable water bottle leader now uses Tritan in all six of its plastic product lines.
2018, Mar 06 - Nani’s elegant Vienna Quartz Glass sets a celebration mood for any occasion
Hyflyer Innovations uses Tritan™ from Eastman to combine practicality with a “wow factor.”
2018, Mar 05 - Curt Espeland to address the J.P. Morgan Conference
The J.P. Morgan Aviation, Transportation and Industrials Conference will be in New York City on March 15, 2018.
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