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Responsible Care®Responsible Care® is the chemical industry’s unique global initiative that drives continuous improvement in health, safety and environmental (HSE) performance, together with open and transparent communication with stakeholders. Responsible Care was launched in 1985 by the Canadian Chemical Producers’ Association and is now implemented globally through national and regional associations such as the American Chemistry Council and others.

CEOs of most major chemical companies voluntarily made a public commitment to improve the health, safety and environmental performances of their companies beyond levels required by law. They also pledged to make that performance known to the employees, communities and the public outside their companies. No other industry can claim such an initiative, and Eastman played a leadership role from the very beginning.

Through the Responsible Care® initiative and Responsible Care® Global Charter, the chemical industry, including Eastman, has made a worldwide commitment to improve our environmental, health, safety and security performance.

Eastman adheres to the Responsible Care® Global Charter, which goes beyond the original elements of Responsible Care®. The Charter focuses on new and important challenges facing the chemical industry and global society. It includes the growing public dialogue over sustainable development and public health issues related to the use of chemical products. The Charter also addresses the need for greater industry transparency and the opportunity to achieve greater harmonization and consistency among the national Responsible Care® programs currently implemented.

In 2013, we celebrated our 25th anniversary of participation in Responsible Care®. The program is now very familiar to all Eastman employees around the world and represents our commitment to protect the environment and the health and safety of our employees, communities and people who handle our products. It has become the way we operate our facilities and do business and ties closely with our corporate commitment to sustainability. In fact, Eastman was named 2013 Responsible Care® Company of the Year in the large company category by the American Chemistry Council (ACC) in recognition of superior health, safety, environmental and security (HSE&S) performance. This is ACC’s top honor given to member companies that have enhanced and embraced the Responsible Care ethic throughout their organizations.

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