Eastman employees are the company’s most valuable asset. It is their commitment to going above and beyond that has allowed us to consistently provide value to our customers and stakeholders. Eastman seeks to create a workplace that attracts top talent, retains employees with engaging work, embraces differences and encourages all team members to reach their full career potential. We know that individual people are the foundation for our collective success.

We encourage our employees to be good corporate citizens by allowing them to participate in volunteer opportunities in the communities in which they live and work and help them develop leadership skills while giving back.

Training and Development
Eastman offers various training and professional development opportunities for our employees across the globe. These opportunities include a dedicated training and development group focused on building the skills and knowledge of employees through classroom courses, online courses, just-in-time training and other training and development resources. On average, Eastman employees participated in 45 hours of internal training in 2015.

 Continuing Education Program
 Workforce Training Programs
 Regional Center for Advanced Manufacturing (RCAM)

Health & Wellness
We place strong emphasis on maintaining the health, safety and well-being of our  employees — both at work and at home. We believe that sustainability extends to the good health of our staff, which is demonstrated through our integrated health program, available for Eastman employees. The program includes access to on-site fitness centers and information and research from Eastman’s personal healthcare team. Personal health representatives are on hand at all times to help employees work through any health issues or questions they may be facing. Our collaborative focus on healthcare has helped numerous employees live healthy lives and prepare for and respond to major life events. 

Diversity & Inclusion
At Eastman, diversity is about capitalizing on differences and similarities for the good of our employees and our business. We value people of different backgrounds, races and cultures. Different points of view enrich our ability to gain insights, generate ideas and deliver value to our customers. Our long-term goal is to achieve a competitive advantage by fostering an environment that allows all employees to contribute to their full potential. 

 Diversity and Inclusion

 Diversity in Information Technology

Empowering a Sustainable Workforce
The commitment and creativity of our employees is essential to achieving Eastman’s sustainability goals. We rely on our workforce not only to operate a responsible business that safely produces quality products but also to actively contribute new ideas and thinking that propel us forward. Only by working together as a team can Eastman make meaningful progress on our sustainability journey.

Growing a Team of Green Leaders
We have established a number of initiatives to help create a corporate culture that thinks and acts in sustainable ways. These include:

  • Green Leader™ Training — In 2013, we continued comprehensive two-day training programs led by outside experts in the field to prepare Eastman leaders to lead sustainability efforts within their functions and businesses. Since we initiated Green Leader™ training in 2011, approximately 100 employees have completed the intensive two-day live course. Over 30 additional customer-facing employees have completed online Green Leader™ training modules, while many others have participated in sustainability awareness training delivered internally.

  • Sustainability Ambassador Teams (SATs) — We currently have well-established SATs in EMEA and Latin America and are actively working towards establishing a full SAT in North America. We are beginning to assess the readiness for an SAT in the Asia Pacific region. The Sustainability Ambassador Teams are designed to be internal governance councils on sustainability, supporting growth and capabilities in each region. The Sustainability Ambassador Teams focus on all three pillars of sustainability: economic, environmental and social. Ultimately, the goal is to ensure that sustainability is leveraged into our strategies and business opportunities and across the value chains in which we participate.

  • Green Teams — We have expanded our volunteer Green Teams to a total of 20 worldwide. The Teams are led by “ambassadors” in each location and their main goal is to create a culture that thinks and acts in more sustainable ways by creating meaningful sustainability improvements at Eastman sites. The teams main responsibilities are 1) communication about Sustainability initiatives and opportunities and 2) management of sustainable projects.

  • T-Care Awards — Eastman’s most recent acquisition of Taminco brought a deeply ingrained employee engagement effort to Eastman called the T-Care Awards. Annually, Taminco provided an opportunity for employees to nominate projects in three award categories: Sustainable Innovation, People and Society, and Responsible Care.
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