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ADD-4605Success with water-dispersible sulfopolyesters
ADD-COAT-021Specialty additives and solvents for coatings formulations
ADD-COAT-048 Coatings Innovation Stories
ADD-COAT-4835Eastman Advantex and Vantex-T neutralizing amines enhancing paint performance
ADD-EU-COAT-3052REGALITE R1100 and R1125 improve color stability
ADH-040Pamolyn Fatty Acids
C-116Specialty Coatings Applications and Testing Capabilities
CE-COAT-3143Eastman C-A-P enteric coating material
COAL-COAT-025OPTIFILM 400: A non-phthalate alternative
COAL-COAT-028Eastman plasticizer alternatives for ortho-phthalate plasticizers
EMN-CC-344Eastman in Transportation: Automotive Trends and Eastman Solutions
EMN-CC-3652Eastman in transportation
GN-417EASTMAN Products for the Composites Industry
GN-475 Eastman Coatings Solutions - Specialties for Industrial Wood Applications
GN-479 Eastman Coatings Solutions - Specialties for Transportation Applications
GN-480 Eastman Coatings Solutions - Specialties for Architectural Applications
GN-483Eastman Coatings Solutions - Specialty Additives and Solvents for the Formulator
GN-485Eastman Coatings Solutions - Specialties for Industrial Maintenance Applications
L-260Efficiency Meets Fast Fusing - EASTMAN EFFUSION Plasticizer for Automotive Applications
L-261Efficiency Meets Fast Fusing - EASTMAN EFFUSION Plasticizer for Plastisol Applications
M-329EASTMAN TEXANOL ester alcohol: Standing the test of time
M-562EASTMAN SOLUS 2300 Performance Additive - Enabling Higher Solids While Optimizing Appearance
M-563EASTMAN SOLUS 2300 Performance Additive - Improved Performance in Industrial Coatings
M-567EASTMAN SOLUS 3050 Performance Additive for Waterborne Systems
M-EU570EASTMAN OPTIFILM Additive OT1200 (European Edition)
M-EU586EASTMAN OPTIFILM enhancer 400: Frequently asked questions
N-283Optimizing Resins for Low VOC
N-321High-Solids Polyester Resins for Appliance and General Metal Coatings
N-344Waterborne Acrylic Emulsion Formulation Using EASTMAN Acetoacetoxyethyl Methacrylate (AAEM)
N-347Designing High-Performance Gel Coats with EASTMAN NPG Glycol
N-355Powder Coating Resins Based on EASTMAN NPG Glycol and EASTMAN PIA (Purified Isophthalic Acid) for Superior Outdoor Durability
P-372Eastman Ingredients Help Others In The Retail World
PZ-036EASTMAN 168 Non-Phthalate Plasticizer - The Science of Safety and Innovation
PZ-039Eastman Non-phthalate Plasticizers - Product Portfolio
PZ-043Innovations That Move Markets - Eastman Non-Phthalate Plasticizers for the Automotive Industry
RES-3645Eastman pure monomer resins (TPE)
RES-COAT-3129CHDM-D Water-reducible, polyester-melamine cross-linked coating
SOL-COAT-3078Comparison of retarder solvents used in high-solids automotive refinish clear coatings
Success-22EASTMAN CABs Help Restore El Angel De La Independencia
TETRA-AUTO-4577Eastman Tetrashield protective resin for automotive coatings
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