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Cosmetics Packaging
DDS-10Some Dos and Don'ts for Injection Molding
MBS-568TENITE Cellulosics the Natural Polymer
MBS-600THE GLASS POLYMER - The Designer's Choice-Clearly Innovative
PP-110TENITE Cellulosic Plastics - Secondary Fabrication Techniques
PP-112TENITE Cellulose Acetate Butyrate Selector Chart
PP-118TENITE Cellulosics - Formulas 360, 371, 375, 376, 377
PPC-100TENITE Cellulosic Plastics - From Trees to Plastic
PPC-407Material Selector Guide for the Brush Market
SP-MBS-1431TENITE Cellulosic Plastics Extrusion of Tubing and Profiles
SP-MBS-1433TENITE Cellulose Acetate Propionate HT Series 380, 381, 385 Selector Chart
SP-MBS-1535A Spritz of Inspiration
SP-MBS-1536A Crowning Achievement
SP-MBS-1537From the bathroom to the basketball court
SP-MBS-1538EASTMAN TRITAN Copolyester - Heat Resistant...Chemically Compatible
SP-MBS-1539The Glass Polymer™ family of cosmetic materials ... affordable luxury
SP-MBS-1540THE GLASS POLYMER Family of Cosmetic Materials...Turns Ordinary into Luxurious Appeal
SP-MBS-1541Beauty That's Stunning
SP-MBS-1547The Glass Polymer™ family of cosmetic materials enables a fresh face for the Natura Chronos line
SP-MBS-1873Material selector guide
SP-MBS-1971EASTAR copolyesters and Durastar polymers -- Keys to successful molding
SP-MBS-4223Clarity and color; Packaging that promotes beauty and elegance
SP-MBS-5337Tenite Cellulosics, The Natural Polymer
Success-114A Sustainable Makeover
Success-70Ocean Pacific is Making Waves with Eastman's The Glass Polymer
Success-72Gaggione selects The Glass Polymer for its “diamond concept”
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