Packaging Overview

Food & Beverage Packaging

Food & Beverage
Eastman offers packaging solutions for shrink labels, custom containers, carbonated soft drinks, water, and food films and containers. Eastman is committed to meeting market and customer needs through product innovation, technical assistance and innovative programs that help food and beverage suppliers market the value of their packaging downstream.   

Medical Packaging

Our continuing standards for quality, strength, and innovation are second to none. Our flexible and rigid plastics are used in over-the-counter drug packaging, flexible bags for fluids like IVs and blood, medical device packaging, and bulk containers for pharmaceuticals.

Cosmetics & Persoanl Care Packaging

Cosmetics & Personal Care
Shelf appeal plays a significant role in a consumer’s decision to purchase. Get the flexibility you need to create distinctive packaging with Eastman’s polymers. We continually strive to develop new products tailored to meet the changing needs of cosmetic manufacturers in a market that continues to evolve.

Household Packaging

As the world leader in polyester and copolyester production, Eastman’s copolyester products have been the focus of many household packaging innovations. Eastman’s extensive portfolio of copolyesters for household packaging products ensure that our innovations will continue to amaze this market more than ever before.

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