Eastman has a broad portfolio of oxygenated solvents that provide excellent performance in a variety of cleaning applications. Eastman’s extensive product line features solvents that are readily biodegradable, non-HAP, VOC exempt, meet LVP-VOC requirements, and have excellent coupling efficiency for binding and dissolving soils for removal.

Eastman Omnia™ high-performance solvent has a unique cleaning chemistry that offers an exceptional combination of performance, safety, and value.  Effective in a variety of light-and heavy-duty cleaners formulated at a neutral pH, Omnia removes a wide range of soils — from greasy dirt and tar to soap scum.  To learn more, click here.

Eastman’s solvent team is ready to assist you in achieving your application-specific goals without sacrificing performance, while ensuring regulatory standards are satisfied.

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Eastman Solvents in Cleaners

Eastman Omnia™ high performance solvent...
Designed with safety in mind, Omnia allows formulators and end users to comply with increasingly stringent regulatory and market demands.

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  Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (e-CFR), Part 59 - National VOC Emission Standards for Consumer Products (EPA)
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