Materials for Electronic Enclosures

To maintain the exciting advances in semiconductors, electronic devices, and the Internet of Things (IoT), manufacturers need materials to keep pace.

Eastman has been introducing innovations in chemicals for the electronics and semiconductor industries for decades—and is a world leader in thermoplastics science and polymer solutions for a variety of industries.

Eastman continues to work with leading manufacturers in a variety of markets to improve functionality, durability, and sustainability.


Consumer Electronics

A life-saving monitor. A life-changing augmented reality (AR) training platform. A life-like immersion into virtual reality (VR). All these rapidly emerging realities must face the reality of exposure to applied stress and chemical attack in the real world.

Material selection plays a critical role in the reliability—and long-term practicality—of wearable, portable, and stationary electronics.  More ...


Electronic Chemicals

For decades, Eastman has offered electronic chemicals for discerning customers in the electronics and semiconductor industries.

With its family of EastaPure™ products, Eastman offers variety of high-purity, low trace metals solvents for sensitive applications.

EastaPure™ electronic chemicals deliver innovative and unique solutions for customers seeking superior, differentiated products.  More ...

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