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D-171Hydroquinone - Health, Safety, and Environmental Information
L-251EASTMAN 168 SG Non-Phthalate Plasticizer - A Sensitive Grade for Demanding Markets
L-257EASTMAN 168 SG Non-Phthalate Plasticizer - Frequently Asked Questions
MBS-401Natvar and Gentex Chose EASTMAN Elastomer
MBS-598Sustainable Innovation Through Materials in the Medical Device Market
MBS-639EASTMAN TRITAN Copolyester - Supporting Your Confidence with Product Stewardship and Product Safety Studies
MBS-80EASTAR Copolyester 6763
MBS-805EASTMAN TRITAN Copolyester - Innovations in IV Components
MBS-867Trends in Healthcare and the Impact on Medical Device Development
MBS-962Chemical Compatibility with Hospital Disinfectants and Oncology Drugs
PP-118TENITE Cellulosics - Formulas 360, 371, 375, 376, 377
PPM-210ECDEL Elastomers - You Have Our Undivided Attention
PPM-218The effect of electron beam sterilization on transparent polymers used in medical devices
PZ-011Sensitive Grade. Sensible Choice. - EASTMAN 168 SG Non-Phthalate Plasticizer
PZ-017Transforming Plasticizers for 40 Years
PZ-039Eastman Non-phthalate Plasticizers - Product Portfolio
SP-EU-MBS-1156Staying Connected to Patient Safety
SP-EU-MBS-1417BPA Free and Biocompatible
SP-EU-MBS-1419Global Collaboration Creates Lasting Value
SP-EU-MBS-1422Superior Syringe Provides a Shot of Innovation
SP-EU-MBS-1430Creating a Better Connection
SP-EU-MBS-1645Keeping Surgeons Focused
SP-EU-MBS-1646Enhancing Patient Experience and Improving Safety
SP-EU-MBS-3857Technology collaboration: When to begin. How to succeed.
SP-MBS-1130EASTMAN TRITAN MXF121 Copolyester - Design Devices and Diagnostics
SP-MBS-1142Helping Shape What's Next in Medical Devices and Packaging
SP-MBS-1159TENITE Cellulosics - Proven Reliability
SP-MBS-1162Eastman Medical Polymers
SP-MBS-1163When medical science meets polymer science
SP-MBS-1164EASTMAN TRITAN Copolyester - The Clear Choice for Next-Generation Blood Contact Devices
SP-MBS-1165Redefining the Balance Between Processability and Chemical Resistance
SP-MBS-1179EASTMAN TRITAN Copolyester - Sound Science for Blood Contact Devices
SP-MBS-1414Enhanced Efficiency
SP-MBS-1415Advanced Solutions for In-Home Patient Care
SP-MBS-1417BPA Free and Biocompatible
SP-MBS-1423Passing the Biocompatibility Test
SP-MBS-1428Improving Through Innovation
SP-MBS-1429Vital Contact
SP-MBS-1430Creating a Better Connection
SP-MBS-1434 Innovation for Blood Purification
SP-MBS-1435Combined Materials Inspire Innovative Design
SP-MBS-1439All's Well That Welds Well.
SP-MBS-1449Natus in the Nursery
SP-MBS-1452Innovative Infusion
SP-MBS-1654Why devices are failing in oncology
SP-MBS-1784Small Bore Connectors-White Paper
SP-MBS-1805EASTMAN TRITAN copolyester - Renal treatment device applications
SP-MBS-1812EASTMAN TRITAN copolyester - The clear choice for renal device applications
SP-MBS-1971EASTAR copolyesters and Durastar polymers -- Keys to successful molding
SP-MBS-5187Increase the life expectancy of your medical devices
SP-MBS-5414Excellent chemical resistance in a flame-retardant polymer
SP-MBS-5760Part inspiration. Part insight.
SP-MBS-6114Medical secondary operations guide
SP-TRS-3086Visual defects troubleshooting guide for medical housings and hardware
SP-TRS-4148Eastman Tritan copolyester, Lack of estrogenic and testosterone activity
Success-20EASTMAN Cellulose Esters Provide Flexibility in Pharmaceutical Design
TRS-274Comprehensive Third-Party Research Results: EASTMAN TRITAN Copolyesters are Free of Estrogen and Androgen Activity
TRS-MED-4182Eastman Tritan™ copolyester— a new option for clear electronic device applications
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