Rigid Medical Packaging

Eastman now offers three outstanding Eastman™ Medical Polymers to help shape what’s next in rigid medical packaging. 

Eastar™ copolyester 6763 has been the standard for clear rigid medical packaging for more than 20 years. It consistently delivers value by providing these advantages:

  • Superior clarity – before and after sterilization
  • Excellent puncture resistance and impact toughness
  • Choice of sterilization method without post-radiation color shift
  • Confidence-building functional and aesthetic package integrity

Eastman Tritan™ copolyester MP100 provides the advantages of Eastar™ copolyester 6763 with even better post-sterilization clarity and color. Plus, Tritan delivers higher heat resistance and greater inherent toughness needed for some rigid medical packaging applications.

  • Greater toughness
    • Provides durable protection of sterilized contents
    • Allows redesign for lightweighting and downguaging; reduced secondary packaging
  • Higher heat resistance
    • Allows Higher sterilization chamber temperatures may allow faster ethylene oxide (EtO) cycle time and reduced risk of warping and sticking
    • More rapid accelerated aging protocols for faster and more reliable shelf-life qualification; fewer go-to-market delays
  • Slower aging process for greater confidence

Eastman Eastalite™ copolyester is an attractive alternative to opaque high-impact polystyrene (HIPS). Easier to process, it’s a safe and sustainable choice. Eastalite is a foamed copolyester resin that, when extruded into sheet, can be cut with minimal generation of particulates or angel hair—saving processing and inspection time, reducing waste and cleaning, and lowering costs.

Advantages include:
  • Color stability and functional integrity following sterilization*
  • Limited compatibility in the recycling stream
  • Cleaner cutting than HIPS
  • Lightweighting opportunities
  • Better hinge life
  • Faster processing
  • Reduced material waste
  • Styrene-free alternative with no butadiene, BPA and BPS, PVC, halogens, or ortho-phthalates
*Suitable sterilization methods include EtO, gamma, e-beam, and gas plasma.

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