Inclusion and diversity

At Eastman, we’re building a better world through innovations that touch lives around the globe. Throughout the company, we are committed to fostering an environment where we can each see ourselves in Eastman’s vision, feel valued and safe bringing our whole selves to work, and be supported to lead from where we are.  

"Inclusion and diversity has the power to ignite

people's passion and creativity, and Eastman is committed to using that power to continue showing the world what's possible"

Mark Costa, Chairman and CEO

Employee engagement matters in Eastman Diversity and Inclusion
Inclusion and Diversity at Eastman - Globally United

Our four strategic pillars

Eastman’s I&D strategy is centered around four pillars designed to build a high-performing organization and instill a sense of inclusion and empowerment in every team member.

Mitigate unconscious bias

Equip our teams to recognize and mitigate  the impact of unconscious biases 


Build inclusive teams

Bring underrepresented groups to above industry levels 


Foster inclusive culture

Enable every team member to contribute to their full potential 


Accelerate diversity leadership

Increase diverse talent in leadership

By 2030, we commit to:

  • No differences in promotion or turnover rates across key demographics
  • Double-digit growth in racially and ethnically diverse talent at all levels
  • Continue to ensure pay equity (audited by third party) and no difference in inclusion scores across key demographics
  • Twice the number of women in leadership roles to achieve gender parity
  • Ensuring LGBTQ+ team members are visible, fully accepted and empowered to be authentic in all aspects of employment
Eastman ERGs to achieve Eastman I&D strategic pillars

Our latest initiatives

In 2022, we’re focused on building a more racially and ethnically diverse talent pool by increasing investments in diversity sourcing; requiring diverse candidate slates; and strengthening partnerships with universities, racially/ethnically diverse campus organizations and the Future of STEM Scholars Initiative (FOSSI).

We’re also working to better understand the drivers of internal talent movement and turnover. We want to ensure the talented individuals we hire are retained and grow throughout their careers.

Eastman focused on a diverse talent pool
Eastman helps women professional development and career growth

Progress spotlight: improving gender representation

We’ve made gains in gender representation across the organization over the past year. One focus area has been increasing the number of women transitioning from individual contributor to manager. It’s where we’ve made the most progress. 

We’re also seeing a strong progression at Eastman’s most senior levels. We will continue to emphasize diverse candidate slates for internal and external roles and invest in women’s professional development and career growth.

We are committed to converting good intentions into bold, aggressive actions

that deliver measurable outcomes — and enable us to be our best. Creating and sustaining high-performing, innovative teams require meaningful commitment at all levels of the organization. The stakes are higher than ever."

Kaamilya Major, Global Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Kaamilya Major, Global Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion for Eastman
Eastman integrates and values the unique skills of military veterans

Military and veterans

At Eastman, military veterans are fully engaged and we integrate and value their unique skills. We’ve been designated as a Military Friendly® Employer and Military Friendly® Brand for several consecutive years for our continuous support of military personnel.

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Eastman Resource Groups

Our six Eastman Resource Groups (ERGs) serve as advisors to our HR programs and communications teams. They help our underrepresented populations grow professionally, network, and maximize their business contributions. And they build awareness and understanding. In short, ERGs make us a better, more competitive company.

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Eastman Resource Group Members with Mark J. Costa at the 2022 ERG Leadership Forum


Eastman has published its 2023 Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) Report, “Embracing the Power of Inclusion,” which highlights some of the progress the company has made on strengthening I&D, a core element of its culture and innovation strategy. Please click here to read in its entirety.