Social responsibility

People are at the heart of our corporate strategy. By taking a holistic approach, we focus on providing physical, financial and emotional well-being to our employees; innovating material solutions for our customers; and creating healthy, vibrant, inclusive communities where we operate.

People are at the Eastman Corporate Social Responsibility
Eastman is caring about society's most pressing needs

Caring for society

Every Eastman team member is expected to create a culture of care. We apply a zero-incident mindset to how we innovate and operate, ensuring safety and inclusivity for employees and our communities.

Culture of safety

Safety is a core value that is foundational to the company’s strategy, and every Eastman team member is expected to apply a zero-incident mindset approach to safety — for themselves and those around them.

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Culture of inclusivity

We are building an inclusive culture that has the power to ignite people’s passions and creativity. At Eastman, we are using that power to show the world what’s possible. 

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Culture of community

Our mission is inspired by a world where people and nature are thriving together and strengthened through the power of healthy, vibrant and inclusive communities. 

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Creating an inclusive workplace

The commitment and creativity of our employees is essential to achieving Eastman’s sustainability goals. We rely on our workforce not only to operate a responsible business that safely produces quality products but also to actively contribute new ideas and thinking that propel us forward. Only by working together as a team can Eastman make meaningful progress on our sustainability journey.

An inclusive workplace environment to achieve Eastman's sustainability goals
Eastman is committed to a strong culture of employee health and safety

Health and safety

At Eastman we are committed to a strong culture of health and safety. We take being a Responsible Care company seriously. We focus on the physical, emotional and financial well-being of our employees, which translates into the safety of our products and the communities where we operate. 

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