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Each year, 460 million tons of plastics are produced globally. Of that, only 15% is collected for recycling and only 9% is mechanically recycled. That means the vast majority is incinerated, dumped in landfills or otherwise ends up in the environment.

The global waste crisis and climate change are two of the greatest challenges we face today, and the world desperately needs solutions.



Molecular recycling

We break down hard-to-recycle plastic waste to its molecular level for new products. Our technologies reduce greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional fossil-based processes and divert plastic waste from landfills.

Circular solutions

The world has operated in a linear economy long enough — using and throwing away products, sometimes after only one use. It’s time to create a circular economy and make the most of our resources. Together, we can minimize waste and maximize value by providing end-of-life solutions to reduce, reuse and recycle materials.

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Material solutions

Brands face growing climate and environmental scrutiny from nearly all their stakeholders. In response, they’re setting aggressive goals to include recycled content in products. But how will they meet those goals? Eastman can help.

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Actions and advocacy

We can't solve the global plastic waste problem alone. That’s why we’re connecting with other organizations — from customers and policymakers to waste management companies and nongovernmental organizations — to ensure policies support innovation in the recycling space without creating more harm to the environment.

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Site locations

We're building a better circle for a future where one of the world’s most versatile and essential materials — plastic — isn’t wasted. We’re committed to driving the change needed, and that’s why we’ve invested more than $2 billion to build recycling facilities around the world.

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Our experts are pioneering the shift to circular materials to give them an infinite life and richer purpose.

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