Community Advisory Panels

We regularly engage with Community Advisory Panels (CAPs) in the communities where we operate to connect on and address topics of shared interest like public health and safety and to form long-term, meaningful relationships.

What we learn from active engagement with our CAPs helps Eastman determine how to best leverage our resources — both human and financial — to affect greater good in the communities. By forming and holding regularly scheduled meetings with 10 CAPs at our largest global manufacturing sites, our leaders continuously engage in open dialogue with a diverse set of community stakeholders and neighbors around the world. CAPs help local citizens better understand industry issues and help us understand community concerns. Ultimately, the purpose of a CAP is to look after the communities’ interests and build trust.

speaker presenting to seated audience

Eastman leads and/or participates in CAPs at some of our largest manufacturing sites, including Kingsport, Tennessee; Longview, Texas; Springfield, Massachusetts; Pace, Florida; Linden, New Jersey; St. Gabriel, Louisiana; Kohtla Järve, Estonia; and Newport, South Wales, U.K.