Ariba enablement

Thank you for your interest in doing business with Eastman.

Eastman uses SAP Ariba to issue and manage material purchase orders and order confirmations and to send invoices. Services are still managed outside of the Ariba Network.

Eastman expects all suppliers to complete transactions electronically on the SAP Ariba Network.

The enablement timeline may vary per region and supplier categorization. North America and Europe have fully adopted the process, and Asia and South America are transitioning to SAP Ariba.

SAP Ariba offers two account types: standard or enterprise. The standard account is free. If you want the upgraded enterprise account, you will need to set that up with SAP Ariba prior to integration with Eastman.

The following tutorials will take you through the registration process. Be aware that regional differences may apply.

For more information on SAP Ariba, visit www.ariba.com.

SAP Ariba and Eastman are instructing suppliers to gradually convert to the new process. For consultation on Ariba enablement options, reach out your Eastman procurement representative.