Project execution

Eastman has expertise in all engineering disciplines required for the successful execution of a licensing project. The engineering team consists of highly experienced project lead engineers and core team members. An essential role in the engineering team is the licensing project manager (LPM), who has responsibility for overseeing the execution of the licensing project. The LPM closely follows the project from the engineering kickoff to commissioning, startup and performance testing.

To provide a clear understanding of the different components involved, the following graphic offers an overview of the licensing project.

Infographic of Eastman OXO licensing project components including technical, training, procedural and startup support.

Process engagement

Eastman experts offer comprehensive information that enables the licensee to thoroughly evaluate and assess the technology offered for licensing.

This process involves multiple steps of disclosures, allowing the licensee to gradually advance from basic awareness of the technologies and available licensing options to the ability to estimate capital investment and manufacturing costs specific to their project. The detailed technical disclosures are presented as part of a comprehensive package that includes the licensing proposal and commercial terms. This ensures that the licensee has all the necessary information to make informed decisions about the licensing opportunity.

Infographic of OXO technology’s process from providing the licensing website to technical and commercial deliverables.