Oxo product portfolio

Eastman offers a wide range of oxo aldehyde-derivative products. The following table showcases some of the derivatives that are commercially manufactured using Eastman technologies.

It's important to note there are additional downstream derivatives that Eastman produces beyond what is shown in the table. Eastman manufactures over 25 different derivative products from our oxo aldehyde production.

Normal butyraldehyde derivatives
2-Ethylhexanol Plasticizers, acrylics, surfactants, fuel additives, esters
2-Ethylhexaldehyde Plasticizers, acrylics/esters/acids, drug synthesis, fuel additives, surfactants
2-Ethylhexanoic acid Plasticizers, drying agents, inks, pharmaceutical intermediates
n-Butanol Solvents, acetates, coatings, resins, plasticizers, agriculture chemicals, oil additives
n-Butyric acid Solvents, livestock feed additives, pharmaceutical intermediates
Glycol butyl ethers Solvents, coatings, inks, oil additives
Acetate ester solvents Solvents, coatings, inks
Isobutyraldehyde derivatives
Isobutanol Polyester/acrylic resins, lube oil/fuel additives, coatings, solvents
Isobutyl isobutyrate Solvent, coatings
Eastman Texanol™ ester alcohol Paint coalescing agents, coatings, plasticizers
Eastman TXIB™ formulation additive Plasticizers, inks, pigments, water-based adhesives, sealants
Eastman TMPD™ glycol Coatings, resins, plasticizers, polymer intermediates
Eastman NPG glycol Industrial coatings, resins, polymeric plasticizers, lubricant additives
Isobutyric acid Agriculture chemicals, polymer intermediates
Acetate ester solvents Solvents, coatings
Propionaldehyde derivatives
n-Propanol Amines, coatings, inks, solvents
Propionic acid Preservatives, pharmaceuticals
Glycol propyl ethers Solvents, inks
n-Propyl acetate Solvents, inks