We exist
to improve lives

We’re committed to finding solutions to the world’s challenges and improving the quality of life for consumers. Together with our partners, we’re focused on making materials that are better for everyone.

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We work to inspire a brighter future 

We help our partners solve society’s greatest challenges with technologies like molecular recycling, which takes plastic that would otherwise end up in landfills or incinerators and breaks it down to its original building blocks so it can be used over and over again. Our success has always been built around customer collaboration, and we’ll continue to work together to develop sustainable materials that open up countless possibilities for the future.

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Team members work to make a difference

Join us and make a difference

We work with customers to enhance the quality of life on a global scale while being a model of safety, sustainability, diversity and inclusivity. If you value these things as much as we do, we invite you to join us at Eastman.

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Together, we are better

People are at the heart of Eastman’s success. Embracing diversity, equity and inclusion so every voice is heard and respected is a cornerstone of our culture. After all, we can’t make a better world if we don’t begin with ourselves.

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We're always moving forward

We believe there are always solutions to the challenges the world faces. Our innovations are driven with a specific goal in mind — to create specialty materials using sustainable manufacturing processes while helping our partners solve global challenges. It’s what drives us. Most importantly, it’s what’s needed to keep improving lives today, tomorrow and beyond.

We're transforming more than materials

Meet the executives leading a global specialty materials company that is working to help solve the world’s biggest problems and stimulate a circular economy.

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