Career choices

Interests. Passions. Where you thrive. Whatever motivates you, there’s a team for you at Eastman. With opportunities around the world across multiple divisions, find a career that inspires you to make a difference in the world.

Administrative support

You’re reliable, organized and skilled in multiple areas.
Administrative professionals are critical to our success and support all aspects of business.

Circular economy

You want to make an impact on the world that spans generations.
The circular economy team is revolutionizing recycling as we know it. They’re pioneering what it means to be sustainable by giving materials infinite life through Eastman’s molecular recycling technologies.

Commercial sales,
marketing and pricing

You’ve done your research, and you know just what customers and consumers want.
Eastman’s marketing and sales teams represent multiple consumer industries, creating strategies and solutions in ever-emerging markets.


You like to challenge yourself and make things happen.
Eastman engineers have a variety of career opportunities. Work hands-on in the plant or conduct research in our facilities. There’s something for every engineer’s interest.


You’re ready to take on the global market.
Financial professionals have a keen sense of generating and maximizing shareholder value. They leverage the latest technology and processes to support Eastman’s financial objectives with partners across the globe.

Human resources

You know what’s at the heart of a company: its people.
HR professionals help our team members across the globe. From first days to retirement, HR makes a dynamic impact on our organization and improves the lives of Eastman employees.

Information technology

You have a knack for cutting-edge technology and smart, creative solutions.
IT professionals deliver critical solutions for all of Eastman’s organizations, including infrastructure, business solutions and information security.


You’re unwavering with a keen sense of risk mitigation.
Our legal organization provides support and legal advice to our entire global company. The team includes attorneys, paralegals and legal assistants to help us conduct legal, ethical and safe business.


You want hands-on work that makes a material impact.
Our operations, maintenance and lab analyst roles in manufacturing produce materials found in products you use every day. Teams work together daily to solve challenges and improve our systems.


You’re a savvy collaborator who knows how to seal the deal.
Our procurement specialists develop sources, navigate logistics and negotiate contracts to support business operations. They’re experts in working with external and internal partners.

Research and development

If there’s a challenge, you’re going to find the solution.
Eastman’s R&D organization uses market-driven scientific and technical innovation to grow our company. The world is always changing, and this team helps us keep up and meet emerging needs.

Supply chain

Your philosophy is, “Why go with the flow when you can manage it?”
Our integrated global supply chain organization manages information and materials that flow from suppliers to customers. With touchpoints around the world, this team is responsible for everything from logistics to ensuring our products are delivered across the globe.

Your future starts with Eastman

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