Material solutions

Circular products — sustainability without compromise

Eastman is dedicated to building a circular economy that creates value from material waste. Our molecular recycling technologies — polyester renewal technology and carbon renewal technology — are central to our commitment to deliver change now. These technologies break down waste into its molecular building blocks and rebuild it into new materials. This recycled content can be used for durable products, including eyewear, cosmetics packaging, textiles, and reusable water bottles — without compromising performance.

Woman applying face cream with both hands.

Eastman Cristal Renew copolyester

Our Cristal Renew portfolio for cosmetic packaging has everything you need for ultimate design freedom and to be green in any color. Explore Cristal Renew product offerings.

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Eastman Tritan Renew copolyester

Since 2007, Tritan has delivered the clarity, durability, safety and style you’ve come to expect and love. And now, there’s a next-generation Tritan to help you meet your sustainability goals. Explore sustainability with Tritan Renew.

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Runner drinking water from a reusable bottle.
Models posing in blue Naia clothing

Naia Renew cellulosic fibers

Increasingly, consumers are demanding more sustainable fiber choices. Naia™ Renew, produced from 60% sustainably sourced wood pulp, offers an innovative solution to the fashion industry's biggest issues.

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Smart recycle portfolio

When it comes to shrink film, you no longer need to sacrifice packaging design to meet your sustainability goals. Eastman offers two recyclable solutions for all of your shrink sleeve label needs. Explore them now to find the best option for you.

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Person holding a water bottle with a Eastman Embrace Encore label.
A child holding onto a swimming kickboard in the pool.

Eastman Renew plasticizers

Plasticizers make your life a little better every day by make thousands of products easier to handle, more flexible and, ultimately, perform better. Our Renew line of plasticizers represents ISCC-certified recycled content powered by molecular recycling. Because they’re chemically identical to our legacy products, Renew plasticizers are drop-in replacements that don’t compromise performance. It’s your same formula but with a world of difference.

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