Circular solutions

Polyester renewal technology

Polyester renewal technology (PRT) processes a particular family of materials — polyesters — and unzips them back to basic monomers, ultimately converting them into materials used in a wide range of new consumer goods.

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Woman sitting down and drinking water from a recycled bottle.
Man wearing glasses giving a piggyback ride to a smiling little girl.

Carbon renewal technology

Carbon renewal technology (CRT) processes a broad mixture of material waste and breaks it back down into molecules, ultimately converting it into materials used in a wide range of new consumer goods.

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It’s the feedstock

Ever wondered what happens to hard-to-recycle plastic waste? Eastman’s molecular recycling technologies turn challenging waste streams into feedstocks for a circular economy.

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Three varieties of feedstock: Recycled plastic bottles on a conveyor belt, carpet fibers and auto shredder residue
A pile of green plastic strips

Mechanical and molecular recycling

Mechanical and molecular recycling are two complementary recycling technologies with different benefits.

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Mass balance

Mass balance is an accepted and certified protocol that documents and tracks recycled content through complex manufacturing systems. It's used when sustainable inputs like recycled plastic are mixed with traditional inputs like fossil-fuel-based feedstock.

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mass balance