Invoice instructions and inquiries

Our goal is to process invoices accurately and efficiently. To help meet this objective, suppliers to Eastman must follow the instructions outlined here.

  • Eastman's purchase order number must be marked on page 1 of the invoice.
  • Invoices submitted without an Eastman purchase order number will not be processed.
  • Handwritten invoices are not accepted.
  • Eastman may limit the invoice submission method based on vendor type.
  • Credit memos are required for all invoice adjustments and must be emailed to uspoinv@eastman.com. Be certain to include the PO number on the credit memo.

Invoice submission methods and instructions

Submission method


Ariba Network



Suppliers transacting business with Eastman on the Ariba Network should submit invoices and credit memos through the Ariba Network
Do not email invoices that have been submitted through Ariba — this will result in duplicates and delayed invoice processing.

EDI and Supplier Portal


Suppliers set up and approved to submit their invoices via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) or Eastman's Supplier Portal should follow this method.






Email requirements:

  • Have valid Eastman purchase order number on page 1 of invoice
  • Cannot be handwritten
  • Must be a PDF document — no other file formats accepted
  • Only one invoice per PDF file (any backup documents must be contained in the invoice pdf, not as a separate attachment)
  • Can attach multiple PDFs to one email (recommend no more than 10 attachments)

Send original invoice to uspoinv@eastman.com.
We do not respond to questions sent to this email address.

Hard copy invoices

Mailing invoices is not the preferred method for submitting invoices. To submit hard copy/paper invoices, mail to:

Accounts Payable
P.O. Box 511
Kingsport, TN 37662





  • Eastman will advise selected site support services contractors who must submit a rate sheet to Eastman.
  • Site support contractors are required to share their contractor rates with Eastman, and Eastman will upload the rates into SAP Fieldglass.
  • At an agreed upon cadence, these selected site support services contractors will also submit time sheets for all workers against job codes as well as nonlabor charges directly to Eastman or into SAP Fieldglass.
  • Eastman will generate an invoice for work provided by a contractor based on contractor rates and timesheets. They will be routed internally for approval and then submitted for payment.



Goods and service invoice: Email inquiries on statements, banking changes, invoices and payments to: acctpayable@eastman.com. For inquires related to more than two invoices, an Excel file that includes the invoice number, invoice date, amount, PO number and Eastman location must be attached to the email.

Freight inquires: Email freight payment inquiries to: FreightInquiries@eastman.com. Be certain to include the invoice number, shipment number and bill of lading number as appropriate. 

Logistics carrier: To be set up for online invoice inquiries for immediate feedback, please contact the following email address and instructions will be provided: frtrate@eastman.com

If you are already set up with access to Eastman Carrier Portal, you can inquire through this link: https://carrierportal.eastman.com/login.aspx.