Distribution safety


Eastman is committed to ensuring the highest sustainability and safety standards possible throughout our global operations and supply chain, including transportation safety and logistics optimization.

Just as our customers are increasingly requiring us to enhance our sustainability performance, we work with suppliers in a variety of ways to achieve sustainability excellence. 

  • Doing business with Eastman supplier code of conduct: Distributed annually, the document defines corporate expectations related to business ethics as well as environmental and social responsibility. It also sets the expectation that all suppliers join Eastman in adopting sustainable practices and programs.

  • Focus on renewable materials a​nd packaging improvements: Eastman’s commitment to sustainability is demonstrated in our material and service sourcing strategies. We are committed to using materials that are less expensive, renewable and safe. Eastman’s supply chain packaging team is committed to developing and using packaging materials that are reusable, are recyclable or reduce waste.

  • Alternative methods of supply: Eastman has a dedicated team of experts who identify alternate methods of supply. We examine the life cycle of the transportation “legs” of suppliers across the globe to eliminate unnecessary shipments by truck, rail and ocean liners when we can. This same team manages Eastman’s sale of by-products and wide specification material to converters who recover and convert material that would otherwise become waste into useful products.

  • Transportation safety: As part of our continued commitment to outstanding operations, we identify, assess and take steps to mitigate transport-associated risks throughout our organization.