Eastman takes environmental stewardship and environmental impact to heart. We’re focused on operating processes and creating materials that are safe and sustainable to positively impact our company, communities, the environment and our collective future.

Women in Nature - Eastman takes environmental stewardship


Climate change is an existential crisis to life on our planet. We are committed to decarbonizing our operations and working across the value chain to lessen our carbon footprint and preserve precious resources. This involves:

Eastman creates solutions to address climate change
Sportsman drinking water from a bottle made of Eastman Tritan


We’re committed to a circular economy that minimizes waste and preserves the planet’s natural resources. We’re driven to provide better solutions to reduce, reuse and recycle products and materials that typically end up in landfills or incinerators. Our groundbreaking molecular recycling technologies are revolutionizing recycling — now.

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By being a Responsible Care company for more than 25 years, through collaborations and our comprehensive guidelines and processes, we focus on reducing energy use and minimizing our environmental footprint.

Eastman strives to protect the environment
Eastman protects, preserves and restores the natural habitats around us


We understand our activities, products and services can have an impact on biodiversity. We’re always engaged and listening, looking for ways to partner with our communities, industry and organizations to create and collaborate on programs that ensure we protect, preserve and restore the natural habitats that surround us.

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