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The human experience isn’t one size fits all. Naia gives designers creative freedom to design sustainably, creating more possibilities with less compromise. With the Naia portfolio of filament yarn and staple fiber, you don’t have to settle.

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Certified, measurable and traceable

Sustainability isn’t part of our strategy; it is our strategy. We’re committed to creating a healthier textiles industry for people and the planet through innovation. From sustainable sourcing to better end-of-life solutions, Naia creates transparency and empowers others to make sustainable change.

Naia Renew

Pollution and overconsumption of raw materials are two major issues facing our planet. Naia Renew fiber is one of our solutions. With this innovation fiber produced from 60% sustainably sourced wood pulp and 40% certified recycled waste material via mass balance accounting, we create value from waste and help brands become more sustainable without compromising on comfort, quality or style.

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Let your unique style shine with Naia. From fashion garments to casual wear, our versatile fibers provide sustainable comfort and style for any occasion.

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Home textiles

Ease into tranquility with Naia Renew for bedding, fill and towels. Every day is a dreamscape when you bring the comfort, quality and sustainability of our staple fiber into your home.

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