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Naia from Eastman is the perfect fiber choice for brands and designers looking to make a lasting impression through their apparel and home textiles collections. Our fibers help you create endless possibilities for style and quality. Naia can be blended for a variety of textures, colors and prints for home and fashion.

Sustainable style is possible with Naia. We help you design with people and the planet in mind through our sustainable approach, so you can design textiles for a healthier environment and a brighter future.

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At home or on the go

Take sustainable style with you or relax in comfort at home. Naia is your perfect solution for uncompromising comfort and quality that’s as good for you as it is the planet.


Sustainable fashion doesn’t have to compromise your expression. Garments made with Naia deliver comfort, quality and style to your wardrobe, from high-street fashion to casual wear and more.

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Home textiles 

Wake up to your best tomorrow in bedding that is cozy, long lasting and good for you and the planet. Bed sheets and fill made with Naia help you create a comfortable and sustainable home. Naia is now available for towel blends too.

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