Protecting our home

Reforestation projects are critical to ensure a sustainable supply of raw materials. As a responsible fiber producer, we prioritize sourcing wood from responsibly managed forests. Additionally, we collaborate with key partners to restore natural habitats, preserve biodiversity and demonstrate corporate social responsibility to help meet industry standards. We support sustainable practices that contribute to a healthier and more sustainable textiles industry.

A tree-covered mountain in the Mata Atlântica forest in South America is shown.

Restoring Brazil’s Atlantic Forest

Eastman has partnered with the environmental, nongovernmental organization SOS Mata Atlântica and Bracell, a soluble cellulose producer, to donate 15,000 seedlings in support of a program designed to help restore the Brazilian Atlantic Forest.

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A pair of hands cupping a small green plant with soil

Planting seedlings in Florida state park

In 2018, Hurricane Michael left a path of destruction to the communities and natural areas of the Florida Panhandle. Eastman collaborated with other leaders to plant 60,000 longleaf pine seedlings in Florida’s Torreya State Park to help protect forest ecosystems, support delicate wildlife communities and repair the planet for future generations. Restoration is an important part of bringing back longleaf pine across the southeast, which benefits wildlife and the ecosystem.

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