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Sustainability starts at home. Bedding, fill and towels made with Eastman Naia Renew staple fiber provide comfort, lasting quality and sustainability that upgrade your daily routine.

Naia Renew

Consumers increasingly demand more sustainable fiber choices. Meet those sustainability demands with Naia Renew, an innovative fiber produced from 60% sustainably sourced wood pulp and 40% certified recycled waste material via mass balance accounting. Design the highest quality products without compromising your creativity or our planet’s resources. This is circularity — where resources are not wasted, materials that would otherwise be discarded are reused, and air and water are not polluted.

white bed in sunlit room


Sleep well and wake up rested in bedding made with NaiaRenew. Your rest can be restorative with luxurious, comfortable staple fiber. With its ease of care and long-lasting newness, Naia Renew helps create the ultimate sleep experience.

Naia Renew staple fiber for bedding


Dry off and stay comfortable with bath towels made with NaiaRenew. Our fibers are soft for long-lasting comfort that’s easy on the skin and the planet. And Naia Renew dries quickly, so you can step out of the shower into fresh luxury every time.

Naia Renew staple fiber for towels

Geen towel hanging off bathtub
Comforter with Naia Renew fill


Your comforter should live up to its name. When fill is made with Naia Renew, it delivers a restorative sleep experience. Naia Renew supports breathable comfort that’s fresh, gentle on the skin and easy to launder.

Naia Renew staple fiber for fill applications

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