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Consumers increasingly demand more sustainable apparel. Eastman Naia Renew helps you satisfy their needs with beautiful, versatile garments.

A woman in a red dress holds a large piece of fabric flowing in the wind on a mountain top.

Naia Renew

Consumers increasingly demand more sustainable fiber choices. Meet those sustainability demands with Naia Renew, an innovative fiber produced from 60% sustainably sourced wood pulp and 40% certified recycled waste material via mass balance accounting. Design the highest quality products without compromising your creativity or our planet’s resources. This is circularity — where resources are not wasted, materials that would otherwise be discarded are reused, and air and water are not polluted.

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Express your unique style and identity with sustainable Naia for ready-to-wear fashion. Garments made with Naia offer extreme comfort, luxuriousness, silky hand and drape. They’re easy to care for too, so your supreme comfort and style shine. 

Naia Renew filament yarn for ready-to-wear

Casual wear

Inherently soft Naia fibers help you create comfy, cozy casualwear like T-shirts, hoodies and loungewear. Naia is quick drying, so fibers support lasting comfort and put your mind at ease. Your casualwear looks new longer thanks to our reduced pilling capabilities.

Naia Renew staple fiber for casual wear

A woman in a purple patterned pullover hoodie smiles and holds the material up to her cheek.
A woman in a white turtleneck sweater holds the neckline to her face.


Value up with Naia Renew knitwear blends. From season to season, Naia fibers support soft comfort and versatility. Plus, they’re easy to care for, so you can enjoy your knits for years to come. When sustainability meets style, your knitwear is like a hug with every wear.

Naia Renew cellulose acetate fibers for knitwear


Naia Renew is your new ingredient for comfortable and sustainable denim. Our cellulose acetate fiber offers a unique shape that delivers supreme softness and moisture management. Naia Renew blends well with a variety of fibers and yarns, creating fabric with an authentic look and feel that denim fans will love.

Naia Renew staple fiber for denim

Woman wearing a denim buttoned shirt
Teal clothing liner fabric shown up close.


Fashion is all about the details — even when they’re hidden. Garment linings made with Naia offer a luxurious appearance that’s comfortable and easy to launder.

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