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Sustainable textiles belong to everyone

We empower designers to create beautiful collections without limitations through Naia. Our team of innovators have the capabilities, expertise and technologies to help the textiles industry become circular, keeping waste out of our precious environment.

We’re committed to people, the planet and progress in the textiles industry. We’ve made public sustainability commitments for Naia that we continually meet and expand. We promise to be transparent about our manufacturing processes through track-and-trace solutions, and Naia sustainability is third-party certified. Eastman has been developing cellulose diacetate for more than 90 years, providing expertise coupled with our understanding of today’s consumers.

And we make sustainable textiles possible with collaborators like you. We’re looking for strategic partners who understand the need for quality fibers that are just as good for the planet as they are for people. You’re an innovator — just like us.

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Beauty, creativity and expression should never be compromised. That’s why our Naia portfolio offers a range of products to fit your design needs and your sustainability needs. Naia is the perfect sustainable fiber for various apparel and home textiles applications.

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Circularity is at the heart of our approach to solving the world’s waste problem. We empower brands across the globe to make sustainable change in the industry through innovation and new technologies. That’s circularity at scale, and it’s at the heart of Naia.

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Naia filament yarn and staple fiber create endless possibilities for fashion and home textiles. And Naia Renew cellulosic fibers take sustainability to new levels with no compromise to quality or your creativity.

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